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may mom i find out my baby sex

hello everyone

first i search the net to find any way to know wt is my baby kind its my first one after loss any way i found out so different ways some of them very public and other are so local

I'm beginning from Egypt and this method proved very effective as a way the ancient Egyptians Pharaohs Bring two cups and put me in the first barley in the second wheat Secondly my little urine over them and wait several days if the barley grew, first fetus was male and if it first grew wheat Female
The second method which is the way our forefathers which is suitable in the first few months look to bag the fetus if a circular or oval embryo muslim then its aboy

well excuse my english

and also there is chinese table i hope u all try the chinesse table and tell me wt happen for me it tell me its agirl

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Re: may mom i find out my baby sex

  • The baby's sex is determined by the father's chromosome, either X or Y.  Not if barley or wheat grew from wheat and urine or from a chinese gender chart.
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