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The Waiting Game

It's post-game wrap up for this month's ovulation festivities.....I hate the waiting part so much. 

This month, waiting coincides with Sister In Law's I'm going to have to be careful and sneaky about not drinking, as I don't want any "smart" questions or to take any focus off her on her big day (totally not being sarcastic - I lucked out a LOT in the in-laws department.)

Anyone have any suggestions on keeping the "not drinking" discrete?


Re: The Waiting Game

  • Just make sure you or DH get your drinks.  You can get soda water with a lime and say it is a gin & tonic, (or any variation on that. . . rum & coke, etc.)

    Also, you can get a dark beer bottle and fill it with water.  Then, you can actually take a swig from a beer bottle in front of key people and they will think "well, I guess she's not pregnant" and will spread the word.  (I am assuming you have people that will be keeping an eye out. . . )

     I hope your 2ww flies by!

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  • I had an alcohol free margarita the other day.  It was yummy and fooled the neighbors.  Drinks
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