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some advice...

Little miss ashley is still not sitting up or rolling over.  I have her appt on the 4th, but was just wondering when your LO's did this if I should be a little concerned or not?  TIA
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Re: some advice...

  • I know it's hard not to worry, but I would try not to just yet.  DD didn't roll until 7 months, although she was sitting upright earlier. 

    A girl in her daycare class wasn't sitting or rolling at 7-8 months.  One day she sat up, then later that week she rolled and she was literally running around the room stealing pacifiers from all the other babies at 9 months.  They had to move her to the toddler room early.  It's just proof that they all hit their milestones at different times.

    I'm absolutely sure your DD is just fine and taking her time.  Give her kisses from me. :)

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  • Hey dsu, thought I would throw my 2cents in...

    My DD at that age was rolling from back to tummy but not from tummy to back. she would roll onto her tummy (which she hated tummy time) and then scream and cry until I rolled her back onto her back.

    I have a picture when my DD was 6.5 months old sitting while slightly leaning forward and holding onto a plastic ring, I remember that she was still very unstable at that age sitting alone.

    My daughter was a stander. She did not crawl until 7-8 months and I honestly thought she wouldn't. She loved being stood up and in the jumperoo. She walked at 9 months, only within days of pulling herself to standing.

    Then at age 2 she was still barely talking, and still eating baby food on a regular bases. Doctors thought she had speech issues. she didn't, she just had to do things on her own time. 

    I guess what I am saying is if you look at my DD as a baby she had some areas she excelled in and some she was behind in, even causing doctors concerns, that turned out just fine. 

    Try not to worry, I think Ashley will be fine. She may be behind in those skills, but I bet she will excel at other things. Chin up!

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  • I think every baby has his/her own milestones, so if the doctor isn't concerned at your appointment--I wouldn't worry.

    DS #1 was rolling over and standing in his crib at 4 months, crawling at 5 and walking at 9.5 months.

    DS #2 was rolling over at 5 months, crawling at 6 and walking at 9.5 months.

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  • My son Cole BARELY sat up at 7 months and mastered it around 8 months. I swear he was crawling before he sat up. Don't sweat it :) I know its tough though!
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  • My boys were both later on the physical stuff. Many kids do not chose to roll. I would try to not get worried if you can help it. Developmental milestones are guidelines not rules. There is a range of average.
  • I would maybe ask your pedi... that seems a little late.  Cally started at 8 mos but he was a micro premie.  Harm who was normal didn't roll till 6 mos.  Rachel was a freak of nature at 2 mos.
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