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LO is so congested!

send me your tricks to help with congestion!  i have tried the nose drops, the bulb syringe and now have the humidifiers going.  i feel so bad for her!  if you use humidifiers, do you keep one going all night in LO's room? 

Re: LO is so congested!

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    Do you have the crib elevated on one side?  We put a pillow under one side of the mattress and it really helps him drain. 
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    I've been having so many problems with this too. I use a warm mist humidifier (cold did nothing for her) trying it on low tonight (last night it was on high and it seemed really stuffy in her room). I also elevated her matress and that worked wonders. You can buy wedges at BRU...I used a couple towels until I can get to the store and buy a wedge. It's up just a little bit but she woke up with a clear nose! I've heard people say steam showers at night or chest rubs (Little remedies has one w/no meds).
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    My DD is actually going through this right now. We tried everything you have and two more things. Have her sleep a swing, carseat, or we have even jammed pillows or blankets under our mattress to elevate her when we have bed shared. We also gave her baths with johnson and Johnson menthol scented baby wash. It took a few days but her nose is finally draining. Our humidifier is the kind that can be used as is or with vicks scented pads.
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    We used a saline spray (which looks like torture since it catches her breath, poor thing), the nasal aspirator, and then we steamed up the bathroom and gave her a bath so she could breath it in. I think the saline was what really helped though. Good luck! I felt so bad for DD when she was congested.
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