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LA is in recovery right now from surgery...waiting for her to come back to the room is hard!  She ended up having a lot more done than we expected because they discovered from the upper GI that she had an intestinal malrotation.  Luckily, we discovered this without it having caused serious issues.  So...she had a Ladd procedure done, a Mic-Key button put in, her appendix removed (standard practice with the Ladd), and her gallbladder removed.  Her gallbladder was so fragile that it tore during the process so they had to remove it.  The ENT checked out her larynx and it is not cleft so her swallowing issue is probably caused by her ACC.  While the ENT was in there, he clipped her upper frenulum since that was on the "if she is ever sededated, let's do this" list. 

Anyhow, the surgeon is very optimistic about her recovery, etc.  Now, they just need to bring my baby back to me!!!

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  • Glad to hear that her recovery outlook is positive. It is good that they caught that malrotation. Wow!

    Let me know how the snipped upper frenulum works out. We are going to an ENT in Nov. to have Nate's looked at. Was it causing speech issues unsnipped?

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  • Her frenulum was not necessarily causing speech issues.  It did cause a sweet gap between her front teeth.  It was "tight" enough that the ENT felt is was a good move to snip it, but didn't want to put her under anesthesia just for that.

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  • Good to know. Thanks!

    I had a gap between my teeth until my permanant molars came in...then once my wisdom teeth arrived it was really tight but no braces were needed... :)

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  • SO glad they caught the malrotation - sometimes surgery has its hidden benefits! But glad also that LA is doing well. Enjoy snuggling up your little girl when she comes out. 
  • Glad surgery went well! 

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  • Glad the surgery went well. DD had malrotation surgery in April of this year. 

    Thinking of you and wishing the best for your sweet girl.

    . . . Also totally un-related. I've been gawking at your craft blog for the past week or so and have been inspired by a few of your dresses to make for when R gets her halo. You're so talented! 

    Bigs hugs to you! 


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  • so glad it went well!

    When Robbie got his G-tube, the upper GI showed his hiatal hernia had torn loose again (he was born with it and it had been repaired once already) so he ended up with a larger surgery, too. It did make recovery rougher, pain wise (we ended up in the PICU overnight) but once he got over that hump, he did well.

    Hang in there momma!

  • Glad it went well!

    Hope she gets to come home soon :) 

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