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She's getting a trach. . .

We just found out that DD is going to be getting a trach. We knew it was a posibility we'd get one after her brain surgery, but it sounds like we're going to get one before now. They still need to intubate her (which has all the same risks for her as it did before with her difficult airway). 

The doctors also want to re-evaluate her for the nissen in the two weeks we have before surgery. They're thinking about doing this right before or right after to keep her from vomiting with the halo on. 

Blech. I have so many mixed feelings right now, but mostly I just wish this sweet baby didn't have to deal with all of this crap on top of everything else she's already had to deal with. I wish so much that I could make it all just go away.



"In a wild sea of eyes I'd see one pair that I recognize and know that I am the luckiest"- Ben Folds

Re: She's getting a trach. . .

  • Hang in there, mama. It's hard to see your little one go through all of this. She doesn't deserve it!
  • Hugs. I am thinking about you guys, and praying for the best possible outcome for R. Let me know if you need to talk, I am always around.


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  • Aw, man! That blows big time. My heart sank when I read your post title. I am sending big hugs your way. Left Hug Right Hug and one of these Drinks

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • Sorry!  Hang in there!  Good thoughts coming your way!! 

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  • Thanks for the thoughts. And the cocktail. I could handle a few of those. ;)

    We have an appt on Wed to find out about the Nissen. 


    "In a wild sea of eyes I'd see one pair that I recognize and know that I am the luckiest"- Ben Folds
  • I'm so sorry that you and your little on have to go through all of this.  My son has had a trach for over 3 years now so, when you are ready, let me know if you have any questions. 

    Hang in there.

  • Hang in there hun! It is very hard to see our LO's go through what seems like more and more every time we turn around. I always say I wish they would mess with me instead of Carter. In fact, I would give anything to go through all of it for him. It is simply just not fair!

    I hope it all goes well and I am sending thoughts and prayers your way to you and your family.

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