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Hands in mouth

I know babies are intrigued by their hands at this stage of my DS's life... but he is constantly "chewing" on them. We have Sophie for teething and have yet to introduce the toy to him.. is all this hand chewing a sign that I should?
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Re: Hands in mouth

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    "We have Sophie for teething"  - huh?

    It is just a developmental thing.  Does not necessarily indicate teething.

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    Tyler is always chewing on his fingers.  I would give your LO the Sophie though, give his hands a break lol.

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    you can offer sophie to him if you'd like.  Most likely he'll prefer his hands though.  :)  

    Signs of teething could begin a few months before teeth actually poke through.  My DD drooled from 2.5 months and didn't poke a tooth until a week ago and now she has 2 - still drooling.  hehe

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    DD has been chewing on her hands for around a month now. We've tried different toys too. The toy will last MAYBE 2 minutes then she gets tired of it, throws it down, & her hands go right back in her mouth!

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