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OPK / temperature confusion?

This is my first month taking OPK and my fourth month charting.  We are TTAS.  My first three cycles (after having DS) seemed pretty in line with how they were from before I got pregnant (28 day cycle with O around day 14-17).  I added OPK this month and now I am wondering whether I am "really" Oing.  Today is day 14 and temps seem to be consistent with my pattern but I have yet to get an OPK +?  I have been testing up to 3 times a day (a friend showered me with her extras so I have PLENTY).  I am confused - is it possible I missed my surge?  Am I doing the tests wrong? Is the fact that I am still nursing DS 3 times a day screwing with my hormones? Any charting suggestions or input is appreciated.   
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Re: OPK / temperature confusion?

  • I'm definitely not a charting expert and dont know the impact of breastfeeding on TTAS. Your chart shows a temp rise and EWCM but it doesn't show that your CP as fertile yet. So maybe you just have one wonky temp that is up, and you haven't O'd yet. You said that you typically O between 14 and 17, so you still have a few days... and keep in mind it could also be late.

    I know its frustrating so hang in there! Hugs and baby dust!


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