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Poll: DC dressing themselves

1.  How old is your DC

2.  Do they pick out their own clothes each day?  

3.  If yes - please explain how clothes are organized to make it easier for them (ie:  pants in 1 drawer, shirts in another, or pants and shirts that match put away together).


I bring this up because I'm realizing that like with so many other things I've continued to pick out my oldest's clothes because I need to do it for the younger one anyway so I just do it for them both.

I think I forget to encourage some independence in my older one because it's just habit and I don't stop to think:  "hey - he's old enough to be doing that on his own now."


Along those lines.... what else has your DC started doing by/for themselves recently?  I'm sure I'm missing other things!



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Re: Poll: DC dressing themselves

  • 3.5 yrs old

    She has been picking out her clothes for a few months - one day she decided she wanted to pick and she's done it ever since. A bonus is that she can put most of her clothes on by herself now, too.

    Top drawer: Socks, undies, PJs (one pile of shirts, one of bottoms)
    Middle drawer: Shirts - all long-sleeved are in a pile
    Bottom drawer: Shorts, pants, dresses and skirts

    I don't mind if things don't match when we're at home, but if we're leaving and she's really unmatching, I'll ask her to change something. Sometimes she picks pretty awesome non-matching things that look pretty good together (today's Kelly green shorts and bright pink shirt) so I'm fine with leaving the house in that.

    The only downside to her dressing herself is that she tends to wear the same 3 shirts and leggings constantly.

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  • almost 3yo

    yes and no.  I give her 3 options and she chooses from those.

    Her closet has two racks.  The top one has shirts, sweaters, and dresses.  The bottom one has outfits that are matched together.  Most of the shirts and sweaters go with jeans.  Jeans and random pants are in a drawer.

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  • 1 - 3.5

     2 - Yes and No - if we are home all day, she gets to pick, if we are going out for the day, she gets 2 choices.

    3 - her clothing is supposed to be all hung in her closet, and a tub for her socks and underwear, but that doesn't happen.  All of her clothing is in a big tub on her floor.  The dresser in her room is impossible to open, so we use it to store clothing that she has outgrown until we have enough to fill a box for storage.

  • 1.  DD is 3 years old

    2.  For the most part, yes

    3.  I have "outfits" that came as a set (i.e. carters) hanging in her closet.  Dresses are all together.  Then I have her play shirts in one drawer, play pants in one drawer, and then leggings for under things in another drawer.  When she wants to get dressed I ask her what she wants to wear and let her get it out.  If its not appropriate for what we are doing that day, I explain why that outfit isn't going to work for today (but often say she can wear it X day coming up so she doesn't get upset), and then help her pick out something else.  If she is being indecisive I'll pull one or two things out and say "which do you like better" and sometimes she'll get one of those and sometimes she'll get something else close (i.e. tunic/leggings outfits). 

    I let her also pick how she wants her hair done usually.  At night she gets to pick her jammies, and if she picks temperature inappropriate ones I recommend she try the other drawer. 

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  • dd is 4 1/2 and sometimes completely gets herself ready for the day... potty, brushes teeth and gets dressed (depending on what she wants to wear.  

    undies, undershirts, socks, stockings in upper right drawer,

    pjs in the upper left drawer 

    tops in the middle drawer

    bottoms and some heavy sweaters in the bottom drawer

    dresses, jackets, coats, some tops and some skirts are hanging in her closet.  those she cannot reach... I would love to get her a rack that is lower.  

    at 3 I would go in and give her options.  now, she usually tells me what she wants to wear... if it's a top, I try to give her options for matching bottoms... sometimes she completely picks it all out... sometimes she gets herself completely dressed, sometimes I'm doing it all.. just varies on the day.

    ds is 3 and starting to get opinionated, but I still dress him. he has the hanging sweater shelves in his closet, pants and tops are in the bottom shelves so he can pick out his tops. some are hanging (mostly button downs and polos and jackets). I think he only has an opinion when he sees his sister making a big stink about wearing what she wants.   

  • 3.5y/o.  I give him 2 choices and he'll pick from those.  Thankfully he doesn't care enough to need to do it himself - b/c i don't feel like dealing with that, lol. 

    He does dress himself pretty well - with a little help with buttons, etc.... but puts his shoes on himself now really well- THAT is nice - so helpful!

  • 1.)  3.5 years

    2.) Yes

    3.) Everything is hanging up in her closet at her level.   When we were inbetween warm and cold days she would ask me if she needed short or long sleeves but now I've just taken all the short sleeves out of her closet.  When she's picking, we talk about matching and I give her some suggestions about what she can wear together (i.e If you want to wear those pants, these are the tops that match it).  The downside is that she tends to wear the same outfits over and over.  I guess she has her favorites :)

    She gets dressed by herself a lot (and undressed too).  She can even do pants and shirts by herself.  She is also 100% independent in the bathroom.   

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  • almost 3

    panties and socks are in the bottom drawer.  All other clothes are hung up.  Jammies in the second to bottom drawer.

    She picks out her own clothes every now and then - she CAN do it (and undress/dress herself except for buttons, but most of her clothes don't have them anyway).

    When I was pg, I really started her on the independence trafck and she does great.  She is almost 100% independent in the bathroom (she can't turn the water on - it is too far away to reach).

    We have stools around the house so she can turn on the lights in various rooms. 

    She have a shelf in the pantry with her food items.  She can open the drawers and get her spoons/forks.  She brings her food to the sink when done.  She can't open the frig door yet.

  • 1.  How old is your DC- Will be 4 in January

    2.  Do they pick out their own clothes each day?  Yep, and changes multiple times a day which i still dont get lol

    3.  If yes - please explain how clothes are organized to make it easier for them (ie:  pants in 1 drawer, shirts in another, or pants and shirts that match put away together).

    we use those plastic three draw things for his dresser.  Two are side by side in his closet, because they are his height and easy for him to use.  Top drawer of one is undies and socks, next drawer is pjs, bottom drawer is long sleeve shirts and sweat shirts.  next top drawer is t shirts, then next one is jeans and bottom one is shorts.

  • 1.  How old is your DC he'll be 3 in December

    2.  Do they pick out their own clothes each day?  no, but if he doesn't like what I grab for him I'll let him pick something else. he does insist on picking out his underwear everyday lol. he also picks out his pjs.

    3.  If yes - please explain how clothes are organized to make it easier for them (ie:  pants in 1 drawer, shirts in another, or pants and shirts that match put away together). underwear and socks in top drawer, middle drawer are pants/ts/long sleeve ts, bottom drawer is pjs and sweatshirts.

    he's at an age where he pretty much wants to do everything by himslef, except walk--he loves being carried, and it drives us nuts. ;)

  • Just turned four. Jack has been picking out his clothes (or at least refusing what he doesn't want to wear) since before he turned two. That's when I had to shop through his eyes and not through my eyes. He's been getting himself dressed head to toe for about six months now. His shirts all hang in the closet. Belts/Razorback jerseys and anything else I feel I need to hide from him so he won't fight me to wear every.single.day. His bureau is a tall chest so I go from bottom to top. Swim shorts and other random clothes he can't reach. Underwear/undershirts/socks Shorts/pants Pajamas
  • It was all broken out when I typed it up. I don't know why my phone lumped it in as one long paragraph.
  • 1. 2.5

    2. Yes. I let her choose between two pairs of underwear, and two outfits. She also digs into her own pajama drawer to pick out which ones to wear at night. So far she has picked out matching tops and bottoms (most of her pj's are mix-and-match sets), but we've only started doing it recently. 

    3. She only has one pajama drawer and it's on her level. She's not tall enough to reach all her drawers or see into them, but that one is doable. I still pick out the daily clothes and let her choose which she wants to wear. 


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  • 1.  How old is your DC - 3 years, 3 months

    2.  Do they pick out their own clothes each day?  For the most part, yes. Most days we give her a choice and she chooses from 2-3 outfits. Some days she tells me right away what she wants to wear. This morning she insisted on wearing a certain dress before we even made it into her room.

    3.  If yes - please explain how clothes are organized make it easier for them (ie:  pants in 1 drawer, shirts in another, or pants and shirts that match put away together). - Jeans, comfy pants and shorts are in one drawer, pajamas in another drawer, shirts are hung up in the closet. The shirts hang low enough that she can still pick what she wants on her own.


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  • Olivia is 2. She picks out her underwear lol but with clothes, I put the outfit together and she will pick which one she wants and which shoes
  • 1.  How old is your DC? Will be 4 in Feb

    2.  Do they pick out their own clothes each day?  No. Easier for me to lay them out and not deal with a fight in the morning. She does choose shirts though.

    I'm in the same boat as you, I'm picking out clothes for #2, might as well for #1 at the same time!

  • 1. Almost 3.

    2. No. She's never expressed interest, and I haven't pushed it. Like you, if I'm picking out DD2's clothes, I might as well pick them out for DD1 too.

    3. I have outfits hanging together in her closet, so that would make it easy for her to pick something matching. In her dresser, I have other pants (mostly jeans) in one drawer, shirts in another, and sweaters and sweatshirts in another; all are stacked horizontally so I (or she, eventually) can see them all.


    She likes to get herself water from the refrigerator door now. The first time she tried it, she freaked out when it started spilling but she didn't know how to make it stop. After a couple tries, she's much better at it now.

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  • My girls are 2 1/2 and 4 and they both pick out their own clothes for the most part.  I don't remember when my older DD started picking hers out on her own, closer to 3 I think but my little one is very into what she wears and has had a say in her clothes for close to a year already (she refused jeans all last winter!!!- would only wear black leggings for the most part).  I have their pants in one drawer (shorts in there in the summer), short sleeve shirts in another, long sleeve shirts in one.  PJ's are in one and undies, socks, tights in another.  Dresses in the closet.  I tell them if they need pants or if they can choose a dress, shorts in the summer, etc and also tell them if it needs to be long sleeve, short sleeve, if they need a sweat shirt and then they pick.  I sometimes open the right drawers for them.  I sometimes veto an outfit if it really doesn't match but for the most part, they wear whatever they pick within reason.  I try to teach them when things match or don't but I don't really fight it if they really want to wear something - just not a battle that is worth it to me.  For special occasions, I pick and there are days that they ask me to pick for them.
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