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Ovulating Late

So last cycle I ovulated late, which I though was due to having a cold around that time. I ov'd on cycle day 21. This month, we went on vacation, and I was expecting to ovulate during that time, but again late. Does anyone know why this could be?

 I know I usually ovulated between days ewcm is usually pretty abundant. Of course when we decide to just go for it with TTC #2, my cycles become irregular??

Re: Ovulating Late

  • I don't have an answer for you on why, but I'm having the same thing happen.  I was never longer than a 28 day cycle, so guessing I o'd around day 14 (never tested), but the first month I start using OPK (last month) I didn't O until CD20 so I had a 34 day cycle.  This month it was CD22 so I'm expecting a 36 day cycle.   This month was really stressful though with having a very sick dog (who was my baby) and then having to decide to let her go which I'm convinced caused the extra delay for me.

    So, sorry I don't have an answer, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. If you are really concerned about it, I would call your doctor and ask them.  I am waiting until my annual in February to talk to my doctor about any of this because of insurance issues, but if I didn't have those insurance issues then I would be planning to go see her if we get a BFN this month too.  That's just my opinion.

  • look at my chart - I am new to this, but last month I had a pretty clear pos OPK and then temp spike.

    this month I actually had BETTER CM, pos OPK and then no temp spike. Not sure what happened.

    do you have a chart?

    b/w=FSH 15.6, AMH 0.4 surprise natural BFP on 3/12/11
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  • Charted when TTC #1, so understand how my cycles work. Looking back on my charts from then (2 years ago), I see there was a month when I had a 34 day cycle...funnily enough in October!
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