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maternity pantyhose?

Has anyone tried maternity pantyhose? Do they fit well even if you don't have a huge belly yet? Regular ones are way too tight for me now but I am not even 11 weeks pregnant and I barely start to show.


Re: maternity pantyhose?

  • I was just complaining about this tonight to DH! I hate pantyhose in general and it seems like you can only find them in control top. I just want normal ones on the rare occasion I have to wear them.

    Tights on the other hand still are fine for me. For some reason they have more give in the stomach and I had no problem the other day. I looked very fall festive in my cute opaque black tights.

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  • I am also a tight fan myself.  I wouldn't wear pantyhose unless I was FORCED too personally:)  UNCOMFORTABLE of course at this point I feel that way about most clothing that is not swears or pajamas so I may not be a good judge.
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  • I was wondering if they made those.  Where did you find them?
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  • Maternity Spanx are AWESOME!!!  I loved them when I was pg w/ DD--the belly portion is super comfortable and supportive, and Spanx are nice and durable.  I was able to get them @ Motherhood, but I'm not sure if they carry them anymore or not.
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  • Thigh-highs. You don't have to pull em down to pee either, which of course is a necessity. I am in suits most of the week, and I can't believe I ever wore pantyhose. I actually get mine from, which ships from the UK, but seriously got 8 pair for $40 inc. shipping, so I thought it was a steal. And, unlike the drugstore or even nicer brands that I buy here, I actually WASH and RE-WEAR them, because they haven't ripped on the first time. 
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