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Hello Ladies,

I was scheduled to have an Amnio this morning and the doctors office called and said that it was too early to do the test, I am 14 1/2 weeks and that I need to wait until 16 weeks.  I have been wresting with the decision to have this test since I made the appointment.  I want to know if their is anything genetically wrong with my baby so that I can be be prepared and make the best decisions, however the thought of having a long needle inserted into my belly with a baby in their makes me so nervous and scared.  I am torn between taking the QUAD screen blood test or to reschedule the Amnio.  Has anyone went straight to the Amnio test and bypassed all the blood testing for genetic disorders?  Also how accurate is the Quad screen blood test.  Will this test indiciate signs that further testing is needed like an Amnio.  I friend of mine opted for the blood tests only (they came back normal) and later in her pregnancy (6 months along) discovered a white marker on the baby's heart.  She said that she regrets not doing the Amnio as she has to wait until the baby is born to find out what the marker means.... 

A little about me,

I am 37, healthy and all the blood tests leading up to this point are normal.  No family history of any genetic disorders...

Re: Amnio

  • Personally, we are doing all non-invasive testing (blood, NT Scan, 2nd level scan).  We refused anything that has a chance of miscarriage.

    All my bloodwork is fine and we have no family history of genetic disorders on either side of the family.  After all it took to get here, we are not taking any chances.

    Good luck with your decision.

    Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment

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  • I really struggled with this issue with my last pregnancy. I had the blood test and the NT scan and got good results. But I had two friends that recently had children born with downs syndrome after having decent odds from their tests. I just had to know. So I did the amnio and have never regreted it. I felt such relief once it was over. I'm going to have an amnio with this pregnancy as well. Good luck with your decision.
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  • We chose to only do the Quad scan. After going through IVF twice we didn't want to take any chances of additional risks of miscarriage. We have no family of any genetic disorders. I saw a perinatologst for the quad testing and the anatomy scan. 
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  • Hi Diana,

     The two friends who had children born with Downs, do you know what their blood test results were that were decent odds?  Just curious what I should look for with.  I would think something had to show with the blood tests to indicate further testing like an Amnio was needed.  I guess I don't understand how all these tests work.

     Thanks for the reply.

  • One was in the 1:250 range and I'll have to go back to my other friend for her numbers. I don't mean to scare you...every person you ask will have a story - good and bad. Do what you think it best for you and move on (way easier said than done).
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  • I would have the test.  I did the NT test and it came back 1:200 chance, but we really wanted to know for sure either way.  Just to have the peace of mind and to prepare ourselves and our family.  I went to the specialist and asked lots of questions.  All my ultrasounds came back normal and just had one marker but it was enough to raise a question. 

    I was scared to death of a huge needle going into my belly.  I just starred at the ultrasound screen and watched my baby.  The needle went in and I didn't even feel it.  I felt his hands on my belly but no pinching of a needle like I expected.  I did feel it go into the sac and then I saw it on the screen.  It felt like someone thumped me with their finger and then it was over.  It lasted less than 10 seconds.  And I was instructed to go home and rest for the next 24 hours.  Which was fun to get waited on :)

    My test was on Thursday and I had the results for the chromosomes on Monday and by Wednesday I had all the tests back.  Everything was normal and we are relieved and so glad we did it. 

    I asked my Dr. about the risks of miscarriage.  He said that he had never had anyone have a miscarriage and he has been in practice for 20 years.  He said that the national average is over the past 30 years of them doing them and they have come a long way in doing them.  The needles are smaller now and they do it with a ultrasound to insure that baby is far away from the needle.  I felt confident after talking with him. 

    I would say to wait another two weeks and then go in and have a consultation with your dr and get all your questions answered.  If we get pregnant again I will definately do another amnio. 

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