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Anyone else already have a sore back?

It's really driving me insane!!  This is my first and I'm only 8w5d along, it seems too early to be having lower back pain doesn't it?  I tried laying down with a pillow under my back and it sort of helped but then I could hardly stand up...I'm so glad I'm home alone, I probably looked like a freakin turtle stuck on its back! Lol
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Re: Anyone else already have a sore back?

  • my back/hips/pear area have all been sore lately.  Maybe its the weather or that time of year?

    I have been taking warm baths and they help a little :)

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  • My back starting hurting about the time I got my BFP.  I just use it as an excuse to get DH to give me a massage ever other night. 
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  • I've had lower back pain for a very long time, I'm very large up top, so ever since BFP it has gotten a little worse. I've noticed that laying on my side with a pillow wedged under my bum has really helped.
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  • My back has been killing me, too.  Although I'm hardly showing.  I think it has a lot to do with breast size for me.  I had a breast reduction due to the constant back pain and haven't had issues for years, but now that they've grown back, I'm noticing the same ache all the time.  :(
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  • I noticed my hips got wider right around 5 weeks... Today though, the hip and back pain is really bad. My tailbone hurts sitting at my desk (which I do for 8-10 hours a day). I'm trying to walk around more but it is really hurting and I'm hoping this is a phase and not the norm.

    If I lay down it is better but I can't do that at work obviously..

  • My back has been hurting a lot lately too. It's mostly at night and when I wake up in the morning, it's usually killing me. I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs at night and that sort of helps. Also been taking some warm baths and getting massages from DH. 
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  • I've had chronic back pain my entire life due to a birth defect (extra vetebra fused to my pelvis on one side), but it has definitely been worse during pregnancy.  I hope it eases up for all of us. 
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  • I have had pain on and off. I also have had back issues in the past because I have been active my whole life. I'm sure it's going to experience it much more often as I grow.

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  • My back has been killing me, but I have a mildly bulging disc in my lower back, so there is always some discomfort.  It is definitely getting worse though.  I am worried about how bad it will get eventually though.
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  • Mine has been hurting so bad. However, I never can tell if it's PG related or not as I have chronic back pain from a bad fall when I was a teenager. I look like an old woman every move I make!
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  • Mine hurts, and I think it's because I can't seem to get comfortable at night.  I end up sleeping in awkward positions.

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