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Hi everyone, I know it's still very early, but I was just wondering:

1) Did anyone/everyone have a small, 6-month-looking bump after the twins came out? The rest of my body is back to my about a size 4-6, but I have this little hobbit-like belly, and I'm hoping for some reassurance that it will shrink eventually.

2) Did anyone get to keep their boobs after they were done breastfeeding? I am normally an "almost A", but I am loving the small C's I'm rocking right now, and I may be dreaming, but I hope they stick around!

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    To answer your first question, yes, at two weeks PP, I still looked pregnant.  It takes some time for everything to get back to where it's supposed to be and shrink to normal size again.

    As for question #2, sadly, my boobs did not stay.  I'm back to where I started before I was pg, so at least they didn't get smaller.  But they certainly aren't any bigger!

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    I still had a belly for the first few months.  My boobs are totally deflated and very pancake-ish, worse than my IBT's pre-pg
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    Thanks for the reassurance for question 1! And for bringing me back down to earth for question 2 Smile 

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    1. Yes.  Oh yes.  1 week pp DS was in NICU and DD needed some bloodwork.  I was waiting with her and an old fart asked me if she was my baby, I told him yes, and after a minute he said something asinine about being that pregnant with such a little baby.  He was with his adult daughter and her eyes got huge and I said, "Why would you say that to someone?  I had two babies in my uterus 9 days ago. Unless you are at the stirrups watching a baby coming out, you don't ever assume a woman is pregnant, what the hell is the matter with you?"  But to his defense, I did look like I was at least 6 months pregnant.

    2.  Yeah, I'm still BF my 15 month olds and so far my boobs are still Cs.  They're just way lower than they were a couple years ago.  But I've been pregnant and/or BF since Feb 2007!

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    1) Yes, I still looked a good 5m pg at 2w pp. Takes a while for the uterus to contract all the way back down and for everything to shift back to place, etc.

    2) My rib cage permanently expanded but my boobs themselves never really changed much.

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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