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Tested - Negative - Yet still no AF - Advice needed

I tested yesterday on CD 29 - BFN!.  My whole life I have been a 27 to 28 day gal - even when I was not on BC.  I didn't start BC until I was 30.  Anyway, after having DS, I was on the mini-pill and was having 25 day cycles.  I went off the mini-pill, and first month of TTC my cycle was the usual 27.  Today it is CD 30, and still no hint of AF.  I don't chart or anything for Ovulating.  I am now thinking one of two possibilities - I am DAMN OLD now (40) so are my cycles going to get suddenly wacky and really long?  Or, wait until tomorrow, test again and hope I get a BFP.

 Has anyone else had a radical change in cycles after coming off of the mini-pill?  Do you think there may still be hope for a BFP?

Re: Tested - Negative - Yet still no AF - Advice needed

  • i'm in a very similar boat.

    my cycles average 26 day - today is 36, and no signs of period or pregnancy.  i tested on cd 33 ... neg.

    the first time i used clomid, i got a cyst and had 2 funky cycles after ... so i'm thinking that maybe the clomid i took in august has led to these crazy numbers ... of course i can hope that it was just late ovulation and that i was lucky enough to have sex at the right time - but that doesn't seem as likely as the cyst story.

    blea ... anyway, good luck, i hope tomorrow brings a pos for you ... i am going to test tomorrow as well ... even tho it will probably be a waste of a stick and just get my hopes up ... but well, you never know : )

  • So if I'm reading this right, this is your second cycle of BC? I can't speak to the mini-pill, but I know that cycles can get wonky when you stop BC. I used to be very regular and my first few cycles off BC my cycles varied from 28 to 31 days before settling down to normal.  Hopefully it is a BFP though!
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  • I went off nuvaring back in january and have had some crazy long cycles since then (one was 56 days).  I think my body has just now settled into some sort of routine after 10 months.  So, perhaps it just may take a few more cycles for your body to adjust?  Temping and charting has really helped me figure out when (and if) I was really ovulating.

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  • Thanks everyone.  Yes, this is my second month off of BC.  I heard that with the mini-pill your body readjusts almost immediately, but maybe not so in my case.

     I am starting to chart now, so i will be better prepared next month.


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