TTC after 35

Fun poll

Would you ever unfriend your MIL on FB? 

What would your MIL say/react when she figured it out? 

What your you H do when he found out?


**a friend did this and I'm still shocked about it. 


Re: Fun poll

  • Considering my MIL is 81, I fortunately don't have to worry about her being on FB!!  My H's nephew (he's 12) friended me and truth be told, I don't really like it. I feel like I have to watch what I post as he is too young to be reading certain things/topics!!   I can't unfriend him though...

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  • I am so grateful that my MIL isn't online! She would want to be friends on FB and I would feel compelled to friend her but would have to watch everything I said!
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  • My MIL is not online, so no worries.  I did however, unfriend my sister's middle son.  He is 17 and was being too graphic and giving me TMI on FB.  I told my sister I unfriended him and explained that I was learning things about his life that she probably wouldn't want me to know.  Nothing really bad - but you know, 17 year old male testosterone and high school. 

     So, I think you can unfriend a family member in certain circumstances.  When he is in college, I will refriend him again - he should be calmer by then. :)

  • Why unfriend anyone?  You can block their posts and you can create groups that don't get your updates.  I'm sure this is why my teenage sons don't mind me being their friend :)  DH would KILL me if I did anything to hurt his mother's feelings.

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  • hey D,

    i don't have a MIL/FIL (they both passed away before dh and i started dating) ... so i cannot contribute.

    but i have recently been not only defriended, but completely blocked by a "friend" on fb ... such a weird thing to do (imho).

  • I am friends with my 78 year old MIL.  She is only friends with about a dozen people, all family members, so it would be pretty obvious if I unfriended her - and she's sharp so she'd notice.  If I didn't want to be friends with her, I would not have accepted her friend request in the first place - and given her a good reason why.

    My life is pretty much an open book anyway, and it's not like I'm doing anything so crazy that I wouldn't want her to know. The only issues come when she gets upset that DH and I are spending money on things such as concert tickets, vacations, dinners out etc. that she probably wouldn't know about if not for FB.

    I do think it's weird that your friend unfriended her MIL. If you don't want people to know things, don't put them as your status, you know?

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  • MIL: not online, so no worries

    SIL though...for sure!

  • No MIL here, byt I am friends with my mom on FB. We have had to have several conversations about appropriate Facebook behavior!

    Two of my sisters unfriended each other though because it was too stressful. The funny thing is that I am friends with them both and occasionally they will both comment on something I say at the same time.

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  • My MIL doesn't post she's just a voyer on FB and it drives me nuts! I don't post a lot of my life on there anyway but every once in a while I post " Betty... I know you're watching" and she will post something. It's very weird but i just put it in perspective.
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