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Sleep position question

So we stopped using our sleep positioner for LO and it's been going fine. We still swaddle her just for overnight, and she still sleeps in her bassenette in our room. Problem is that she'll scoot to the edge and put her face against the fabric side. I move her back to the middle, and she fusses until she gets right up against the edge again. So, do I let her stay there, put the positioner back in, or cut the cord and put her in her crib? Sorry for no paragraphs, on my phone! Thanks ladies!
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Re: Sleep position question

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    If she can roll over she should be ok. Or maybe try putting the positioner back in and give her a light blanket to keep by her face, could be like a comfort thing that she likes something on her face.

    My DS went through a "blanky" stage and had to have one by his face while sleeping. Then DS started sleeping face down in his crib and I would freak out, but then I had to realize he can roll over and ove himself if he wasn't breathing good.

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