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For your amusement

I have a friend who is a nurse and he works on the pediatric floor of a hospital.  He seems to think that makes him the end all be all when it comes to medical information, especially on babies and children.  

When he found out, he apperently told a mutual friend that "She's going to be asking me all these questions."  And then later that day when I was talking to a group of our friends about being pregnant and the weird things babies do in the womb I mentioned that they pee.  And he immediately goes, "and they poop too."  Now, I was just barely pg at the time and still getting all the info straight in my own head, but I was pretty sure they didn't and if they did it was bad.  I didn't say anything because I was only 99% sure and didn't want to argue (did I mention he can't be wrong).  And he thinks I will be asking him medical questions about my pregnancy.  Only if I want the baby to have two heads!

The post about babies peeing in the womb and drinking it made me think of this...and I laughed.  So I wanted to share my moment of amusement and try to brighten your day with some laughs.

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