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Belly bands? HELP!

 Good Morning, and Happy Wednesday!

 Is anyone using belly bands yet? This is my first baby and I keep reading great things about all the different brands but I dont know anyone who has used one ( I am also the first of my friends to be expecting Smile!! )

I have looked at Ingrid&Isabel bellabands, Wink support belt, and the Baby Be Mine belly band, and I am reading mostly great things about each. I am 5'10 and a size 2-4, so it is hard for me to find non-maternity pants in the first place, and I wear scrubs while working. I am looking for something that will provide support without rolling up, bunching, or moving around -- as well as something that will allow me to wear non-maternity clothes as long as possible...does this wonder-band exisit or am I being unrealistic?

Anyway, please respond if you have tried any of these and can provide ANY feedback! Thanks!

Re: Belly bands? HELP!

  • I bought the be band from Target and it's okay, IMO.  If you put it on first, then pull your pants up over the bottom half, then fold the top half over the outside of your pants, it stays in place pretty well.

    I think it's a little bulky, but if you wear more drapey tops, it wouldn't be a big deal. 


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  • I bought the Bella Band last week, and I LOVE IT!!! I zip my pants to the point that I can and then wear this. I cannot say enough good things about. It stays in place (sometimes after sitting, I will need to make sure it is in place before getting up... but it is usually ok). My friend said she still uses hers sometimes after the baby is born.

    I also ordered a Baby Be Mine one (so I could have one white and one black), but have not yet received it.

    I say try it. It's not THAT expensive if you don't like it, but honestly, I wear mine every single day and don't know what I would do without it!


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  • I have the Bella Band and the Be band and I like them both. I find the Be Band from Target to be a little thicker, which I actually like. Its a lot of preference. I would buy one see how you like it and if you dont return it. Target is usually good about that.
  • I have the Pea in a Pod branded ones and they've held up very well. No complaints!

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  • I have the Be Band from Target and I'm not too thrilled with it. It keeps rolling up in the back and I end up with plumber butt. I think I'm going to have to just break down and buy maternity pants.
  • I have the Ingrid and Isabella white and black ones and I LOVE them!  I don't have any problems with them rolling.  My best friend is 5'8" and wore them while she was pregnant 3 times!  She loves hers too.  She is still post partum and wearing it to get back into her pre-preg jeans.  HTH!!! 
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  • My friend gave me hers, it's a Pea in a Pod one. I live in it, it's the only way I can still wear my work pants.

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  • I too got the Be Band from Target. It was only $16.99 so I figured it was worth a try. Totally worth not feeling like a stuffed sausage in my jeans. It just looks like I'm wearing a black tank top underneath my shirt and it seems to hold my pants up just fine.

    Fortunately for me though, I work for an amazing woman who lets me come to work in sweats, so I can relax in those most of the time and just worry about the bands on the weekends! Smile

  • I only recommend the real Bella Band. I own 4 of them and wore one every single day while pregnant with DS (starting around 20 weeks or so). I wouldn't buy a cheap knock-off because you'll just be disappointed.
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  • I have the BeBand from Target.  I have one in beige and one in black.  They are great with my work pants, and when I use it with jeans it looks like I have layered my shirts if it sticks out underneath.  Mine stay in place fine.  No issues there.  It is a great way to save money on maternity pants for now.  I would suggest the BeBand since it is affordable, and if you don't like it, well is was only $17.
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