Pregnant after 35

An update on ME!

Ok girlys....I am so tired. I havent layed down today. Hubs bought me a present and it is going to be delivered. I didnt know this untill about 30 mins ago. Since I sleep so bad last night I didnt want to risk that again for tonight. I am resting on chair in living room, getting up to potty and get food. I have done a few chores, but nothing strenurous(sp). Baby  is moving alot...flipping and rolling and kicking alot. I will say that when I was out for those 3 hours yesterday afternoon, I felt so much pressure down there..swore I dilated some more. Especially after the contractions and BH's last night. I really hope I get good news on thursday. I am quite sure I am not getting off bedrest. Hopefully it will be back to modified and I havent dilated anymore.
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Re: An update on ME!

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