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Nipple question (bottle)

DD will be 4 months on Monday.

She only gets a bottle 2 times a day while I'm at work, and maybe 1 or 2 times during the weekend (I don't NIP).

She was doing good on the "slow" nipple but at 3 months I started sending her bottles with a "medium" one. 

My sister (daycare provider) says she does great with the medium at the first feeding, b/c she's wide awake.  But at the second feeding, she's more tired and sometimes falls asleep while eating and with the faster flow, she sometimes chokes.

So, I've been sending one of each.

I'm worried that if I don't force her to learn to take the medium all the time she won't.  Or that I'm confusing her by sending two separate flows. 

WWYD?  Send only medium flows?  Send only slows?  Continue one of each?

Re: Nipple question (bottle)

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    We switched to medium nipples right around 3 months, slow was taking WAAAY too long also bc how  much he was having at each feeding. I am reluctant to try fast bc it was too much at once for him. He really enjoys his bottles. Try going all medium, if Brendan starts to fall asleep during a feeding we just keep him up until he is done and has no problem falling asleep at night for bed or nap on his own.

    By the way the subject of your post made me laugh bc you had to clarify bottle. It CAN go both ways on here.

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    When are you even supposed to change the flow? My LO is 3 months and only drink 2.25oz at a time and we have the slow flow bottles


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    When are you even supposed to change the flow? My LO is 3 months and only drink 2.25oz at a time and we have the slow flow bottles

    It probably depends on the bottle/nipple.  I know with playtex drop ins, the slow is 0-3 months, med 3-6 months and I guess fast would be 6-12?  It's no hard fast rule, but I didn't want to try a faster one before the rec. age.

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    We're sticking with the slow for now (DD is 4 months).  We tried medium flow when we moved up to a 9 oz bottle from a 5 oz bottle.  She takes about 6-7 oz per feeding.  Sometimes she does well with the medium, but other times she chokes or spits up.  She hasn't had any problems with the slow flow, so we put the slow nipples back on the larger bottle and she's doing fine.

    So if I were you, I'd stick with the slow flow for now.  I'd go more based on how your baby handles the nipple vs. her age.  Every baby is different.

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    DD is 4 months and we are still using slow flow.  I have tried medium a few times and she is fine at the beginning of the bottle but is spitting and choking by the end. My pedi said there is no need to switch if she is taking the slow one with no problems. says to use the slowest flow your LO will tolerate.  I am going back to work in November, so once DD starts taking more bottles this may change, but for now we are sticking to slow flow.  My friend at work EBFd until LO was 1 and never switched from slow flow.


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