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Clicky Poll: Solids

What did you start with? I really want to skip cereal so Im just wondering what everyone else did.[Poll]
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Re: Clicky Poll: Solids

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    with my dd i went straight to sweet potatoes.


    with ds I will start with avocado.   

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     I think a lot of people start with that, so you may want to add it. 

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    I started w/rice cereal b/c DS is EBF and figured that would be the safest. The first flavor was carrots, then sweet potatoes, but he so far likes squash Hmm the best...
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    We started with rice cereal.  But I saw that you had peas in your list - I just wanted to let you know that we tried peas as our second veggie (green beans being the first), and it messed up my DD's sleeping patterns for the entire week she was eating it.  She wasn't allergic, but she would wake up screaming 2 -3 times a night and her poop came out like green toothpaste.  She went back to STTN as soon as we stopped the peas (and her poops went back to normal as well), and I'm thinking that can't be a coincidence.  I read that peas can cause gas, so that might've been why DD was waking up.  There's conflicting information out there as to whether peas should be offered before 6 months.  Just FYI. 

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    We started with avocado.  I did a lot of research on it and read that it is not a good to start babies on cereal.



    Insulin-dependent-diabetes is one of the worst chronic diseases to acquire as insulin is one of the major physical causes of disease. Previous studies have shown that pasteurized cow's milk may be a factor for diabetes. This study looked for that link and did not find one, but they did learn that cereals should be avoided. Cereal is one of the first solid foods to be introduced into the infant diet and most pediatricians encourage their patients to start these foods at about 4 to 6 months of age. Since this study found that cereals introduced before the age of 4 months or after the age of 7 months increased the risk of insulin dependent diabetes in the children, does that mean we should be sure and start all our infants on rice cereal between the ages of 4 and 7 months? Absolutely not. I can't explain why they appear to get a reprieve during that time, but if you have read my Total Health Program you will know that there are a large variety of other reasons to avoid grains, even in infants. Infants will do just fine with a vegetable source of carbs. So do your child a favor and give them veggies rather than cereal.
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