When does feeding your twins stop taking forever?

I bottle feed my DSes tandem and it takes an hour to feed, burp and change them both. If I have help and only have to feed one then it takes about 45min. They keep increasing how much they eat so the time it takes to feed them has stayed the same since they were born. Am I doing something wrong or will it be like this for a while?

Re: When does feeding your twins stop taking forever?

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    Maybe try moving up to a faster flow nipple? I can't recommend that, though, without telling you that we tried that with our babies, and one of them got overwhelmed and choked--we moved back down and we're not still at level 1. But, maybe your babies would have success.

    My babies still take 45 minutes per feeding to bottle feed. 

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    Yeah - It takes me about an hour to tandem feed them both since Harry has to be burped after every oz.  By the time we add in tummy time and other "play"  we are looking at an hour and half of nap time (they eat every 3 hours on the dot) max.

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    oh yeah, it takes a good hour to feed both LO's.  I'm still feeding them about 4oz at each feeding with the infant nipple.
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    Our boys took 40-60 minutes to drink a bottle until they were 2-3m old. We tried moving up a nipple size at 2m and it worked for Alex but Will wasn't ready for it yet.
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    I'm so happy to read this thread b/c I thought I was doign something wrong where feedings were taking 60+ min. when I"m on my own. It's so tedious and I hate it, which I feel really guilty about. When DH or MIL is here, feedings can take only 30 min. We recently moved to the level 2 nipple (babies are 7 weeks old) b/c before this, the feedings were taking me at least 90 minutes on my own. Ugh.

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    I wish I had an answer for you....but wanted to say, I'm right there with you....

    The girls take 30-45 min a piece to eat/burp/change.  After the 1hr/ hour and a half I'm exhausted.  It's wonderful when DH when help feed one in the night.  He usually sleeps thru the middle of the night feeding....but when he does help, it's awesome.  no one wants to be exhausted at 3 am....and spending an hour+++ trying to stay awake to feed LOs.  Sleep

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    It gets better!  These days I can have them changed, fed and burped in just under a half hour.  Around 3 months our LO's went to a medium flow nipple and it took me about 40 mins.  Then, when they started falling asleep during their bottles close to 4 months, we moved them to fast flow.  In the past two weeks we've even stopped burping them midway through their bottles, unless they get squirmy.  So hang in there!
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    It gets better!  I was in your shoes 2 months ago.  I used to hate feeding them at the same time, now it is way easier!  At about 3 months, I started only burping them at the halfway point, and then at the finish.  At about 3 months 3 weeks, I let them drink the WHOLE 6 oz bottle before burping.  Just last week I switched to level 2 nipple and I can feed them and burp them both in 15 mins.  At first we were getting a few more spitups, but now they are doing awesome (4months old today).  Hang in there! 
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