Newbie w/ "diet" questions

Okay~ so I have been reading Dr. Luke's book and I am completely overwhelmed!!  I am 11 weeks with twins and am really wondering how you are or did manage to get in all the calories and all that protein?!!

 I have been doing the Ensure drinks and trying to eat healthy, but I am pretty small ( 5'2" and 120 lbs) and all this food feels next to impossible!!  Advice?

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Re: Newbie w/ "diet" questions

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    Yeah, it was near to impossible for me to follow all of Dr. Luke's recommendations.  This is a breakdown of what I tried to do:

    am - Ensure shake, banana, cereal/oatmeal square

    am snack - fruit/vegetable and string cheese

    lunch - sandwich/frozen lunch/chinese/chipotle + fruit + veggie

    pm snack - pretzels + fruit/veggie

    dinner - protein + carb (bread, pasta, potato) + veggie

    after-dinner snack - ice cream Big Smile

    I had a really hard time eating that much, and as I got further along, it was even harder, but I tried to stick to that schedule - the ice cream and protein shakes helped me put on some weight, too.

    Good luck!

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    with both of my pregnancies, singleton and twins, I just listened to what my body wanted, and didn't worry about counting calories or protein grams.   I trusted if I needed protein, I would be craving a huge cheeseburger.    I normally have a pretty small appetite, but by the time morning sickness went away and food was appealing again, I shoveled it in, and couldn't stop eating.   And there were times where I craved super healthy foods, but I also ate plenty of ice cream and oreos.    I was way way hungrier when I was pregnant with the twins compared to the first time.
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