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Random thoughts Monday

Since most days during the week have something dedicated to them, why not a random thoughts monday post...

1.  Hudson slept from 9:30pm - 6am without getting up for a feeding.  I wonder if my parents wore him out so much from the wedding/halloween party that he just crashed.

2.  I had a great time running around in a 30 passenger hummer limo this weekend throwing down brewskies for my BFF's wedding.  I also think that everyone probably thought I was completely wasted when me (MOH) and the best man started singing the words of benny, benny and the jets to "eric, eric and jeeennnnnnn" and throwing around a fake ball to some techno music....I had a blast!

3.  I wish I could get rid of these nasty red bumps in the back of my throat that is causing my throat to feel scratchy and icky.


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Re: Random thoughts Monday

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    1.  I don't know where I read that peas were a good "Stage 1" food, but I'm pretty sure they were the cause of my DD's horrible sleeping patterns last week.  As soon as I stopped giving them, she went back to sleeping from 10 PM until 7 AM without getting up even once.  Now I feel like a bad mom.  Thank goodness it was just crappy sleeping (probably gas-related) and not something worse.  Moral of the story: wait until at least 6 months before giving peas. 

    2.  We're running out of places to go on the weekends.  I'm trying to think of where we could take her next weekend and nothing's coming to mind. 

    3.  DH and I ended up staying in for our anniversary this past weekend, and I'm wondering when our first real date night will be. 

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    I'm so glad DD decided to take a real morning nap today for the first time in atleast a week! She's been sleeping for 2 hours, I hope she sleeps for atleast one more. How do I want to spend my time? Eating, bumping, cleaning, or showering?

    It's so gloomy out, and chilly. I would love to snuggle up on my couch and fall asleep watching a movie. If only I could...

    Why did DH make me use my credit card for a $5 movie yesterday, claiming we were broke, and then go and get Quiznos for dinner last night?

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    1. Dreading going back to work next week.

    2. What else do I need to put on my "to do list" prior to work next week?

    3. Should we go forward with the screen porch addition even though it more than we thought even though we can afford it?

    4. Why am I still constantly clenching my jaw even though my mood and anxiety levels are back to normal?

    5. Going out on our first date night on Saturday and DS is staying with my Mom for the night. The longest stretch I have been away from him is 5 hours in over a year (considering pregnancy).

    6. Will the babysitter/Nanny work out?

    OK reading all of this I now know why my jaw is still clenched.


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    It is only Monday and I'm ready to go home and be with my baby all day. It's going to be a long week.


    After reading an earlier post, how many of you really think it's weird to "blog stalk"? Random I know...but the point of the whole post :)

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    1. LO thrives on a schedule....Fri/Sat off schedule for date night and a party and didnt sleep well either night! yesterday back on schedule - and woke up once last night..i put in paci and he went right to sleep!!! woo whoo!

    2. My nephew i babysit ran away from me after biting his sister.
    I went to get him... he fell with stacking cups in his hand and bruised his nose. Karma much?

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    1. I want to know why my dog can't keep kibble down, but can wet food in small amounts since the last 48 hours. Horrific thoughts of esophageal tumors are running through my head.

    2.Why did my husband wake me up this morning to answer my phone when it was my mom and baby and I were still sleeping?


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    I want to up and leave my job.  I just miss LO so much.  Whoever said it gets easier was a liar.  I'm completely miserable and I resent DH for not being able to get a freaking job.

    That's pretty much all I'm thinking. 

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