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Seriously m/s???

I'm so over m/s.  I had a break during week 9 and I thought it was going away - nope!  It's back full force.  Oh please tell me this will end soon! (Vent over)
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Re: Seriously m/s???

  • Sorry! I 100% feel your pain. Yesterday I actually felt okay for the first time in forever and not today I am feeling just miserable again.
  • I have had Ms since week4 with a 4 day break that ended last night with severe vomiting and today has been nausea all over again!
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  • I too, had a break at week (9) and then week (10) hit and I was actually worse than I was before. I posted earlier and someone responded that there is another influx of hormones at week (10) that could cause the nausea to come back again. I'm entering week (11) tomorrow and I am hoping that it goes away then, or takes only a week longer.

    I hope you're feeling better!

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  • Crap. I'm having that so-called break right now. I know it will be back, but I was hoping. Really hoping....
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