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I wish there was a formula board on the bump...My DS is EBF and I am thinking about introducing formula but have so many questions...

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    You know, that's a really good idea. There is a breastfeeding board, so why not a FF board?

    For what it's worth, my LO was EBF but then was supplemented with formula when my supply decreased. It got a boost for a little bit, but then by 13 weeks I was so exhausted and anxious about the whole thing that we did EFF.

    At first, he was given Similac Advance. Supposedly, it is closest to breast milk as you can get in formula, but if you look at the ingredients of it compared to other formulas, there really isn't much of a difference. But, babies still react to different formulas in different ways.

    Similac Advance was good. It didn't smell like formula, he digested it okay, but would spit up what seemed like gallons, and not always after he had burped.

    We then switched to Similac Advance. We saw a vast improvement on his spit up, but it was still more than most babies. Our pedi recommended Similac Soy.

    He was on Similac Soy, and did the worst with it. It smelled like formula, it was darker, and he refused it most of the time. He pretty much had to be starving to take it. The spit up? Awful. It was the worst on Soy than any of the others. He was put back on Similac Sensitive

    We switched to Gerber Good Starts Gentle Plus during the Similac Sensitive recall. This, too, did not react with him well. <sigh>

    So NOW... we are Similac Sensitive for Spit Up. It is a God send, seriously. The spit up is nearly non existent! It took a while, but we found the right formula for him.

    What will work for your baby, may not work for another and vice versa. You kind of have to give one a try. If your LO digests it well and doesn't have issues associated with it, then awesome!  

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    This is such a good idea. I have been transitioning DS from EBF to EFF the last week because I have to start medication for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I really wanted to have some encouragement and recommendations and I didn't find a lot of help from the 3-6 board. 

    I am giving DS Earth's Best Organic formula. As of now he is taking it without any adverse side effects. The biggest stumble for us has been getting him to take a bottle at all and which bottle to use. He loves the Nuk bottles b/c thats what his paci's are. We also tried Playtex Vent Air, he wasn't crazy about it.  My friend has had very good luck with Up and Up brand formula from Target. She compared the ingredients of the Up and Up with the name brand and it was almost exactly the same, but much cheaper of course.

    Hopefully the bump gods will take notice.


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    I am weaning DD right now and have SOOOOO many questions. A formula board would be so helpful.
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    I've formula fed from the get go if you ladies want to PM me I'd be happy to share my experience.  DS has only been on Earth's Best Organic formula and we love it.  I've seen another lady post on here that it was too harsh for her LO's stomach, but no issues whatsoever here.
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