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Is beer ok to consume if cooked down in a recipe?

I'm making chili and it calls for a beer, and then you cook the beer down (high heat) before adding other ingredients and boiling the chili. 

Is that ok for me to eat?


Re: Is beer ok to consume if cooked down in a recipe?

  • The alcohol burns off. Yes its ok. I had beer battered fries twice in one week last week. I feel no guilt and I don't drink anyway.

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  • Yes it is fine.
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  • Thank you ladies!

     I had a feeling that might have been a silly question but now I'll be able to enjoy my chili without worrying!  :)

  • Some of the alcohol will remain after cooking, but I would still eat it.

    Preparation Method Percent of Alcohol Retained
    Alcohol added to boiling liquid & removed from heat 85%
    Alcohol flamed 75%
    No heat, stored overnight 70%
    Baked, 25 minutes, alcohol not stirred into mixture 45%
    Baked/simmered, alcohol stirred into mixture:  
    15 minutes 40%
    30 minutes 35%
    1 hour 25%
    1.5 hours 20%
    2 hours 10%
    2.5 hours 5%

    I mean, it's only a beer in a whole pot of chili, right? Not going to amount to much.

  • I think it would be totally fine.
  • I wouldn't worry.  But, if you are really worried, you could use an Non alcoholic beer. 
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  • I'm so glad you asked this! I was wondering the same thing.
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