Pregnant after 35

33week...PTL?! anyone else?

As of Monday I have been having contractions...Ugh! Yesterday, I went to my OB's office. This what happened, "Well, Im on modified bedrest. I can run small errands, but if I am having increased pain/pressure/and cramps, I am to stop even that. So I can sit in my living room chair with my feet up and lay in bed. I was dilated half a centimeter to 1 centimeter. My cervix is very soft. Babies heartrate was great. My Bp was 114/72.... No protein in my urine. Baby is completely head down, not off to the side anymore."

 Then early this morning I was having extreme contractions and I was sitting in my chair. " I was having pains and pressure again last night, then hubs went into work.I got up when he got home to get a snack ( around 1:30-2:00am) and I made a drink and dumped some icetrays and got some crackers. I walked back to my chair and started with what to me was unbearable pain in my stomach area. Cont...ractions. Hubs sat with me for 2 hours and I had these pains till I feel asleep. Scott thinks they werent contractions cause I didnt have pressure when they were happening, but extreme pain. It hurt is my back for a few of them. I breathe threw them. This morning I woke up and I got a few pains again. I am right now sitting in my chair, had some toast, drink and then meds. My drs office doesnt open till 8:30am, I will be calling them again. I wonder if having the cervix check could have caused this?!!?! Oh i did have some mentrual type cramps about 2-3 hours after exam, but they went away. "

I went into OB's office today and had a NST.  "Bedrest! Baby is a champ, my uterus is not. I have a irritable uterus, causing contractions if I walk or even stand up. Resting and laying in bed till next week."

 So now, I am on complete bedrest with some modification to it. Has anyone experienced this. I will be 37 next month, and I am 2 yrs out of Gastric Bypass. Please share with me. I am so scared. Thanks


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