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Anyone's morning sickness/exhaustion going away yet? I am hoping that by 12 weeks I will be feeling significantly better.

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  • Not me and I really wish it would. I am missing too much work. I think I only had about 3 weeks of it last time around though so maybe it wont be much longer. 
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  • I want my energy back more than anything! I think last time that came back around 14 weeks.

    I haven't had to miss any work with being sick, but I can't say I have been the most productive when I have been there some days in the last couple weeks. Sometimes it is all I can do to just not get sick!

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  • never got m/s but my fatigue is still here.  maybe in 2 weeks it will subside
  • This pregnancy in general has been much easier on me than the first.  I had some horrid back pain, and I've had a few days of m/s but for the most part now I'm just tired.  And tired I can deal with.  Compared to 20+ weeks of being sick, it's a cake walk, LOL.  Hope you feel better soon!!!
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  • I've only thrown up twice at this point, but if I let myself I could be doing it all day long! I feel awful and I feel bad for my 17 month old because I'm so tired and sick and don't feel like doing anything. 

    And NOTHING sounds good to eat! Anything I do eat, I can't eat again...if that makes sense. Cause it makes me wanna throw up.  

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  • Still here, but everyday is a little different.
  • I don't get horrible m/s, just feel crappy off and on through the day.  And the fatigue.  Geez, I am struggling to get through each day. 

    Last pg, I started to feel better at 15wks.  Hope it comes soon.  I fell asleep at the wheel for a split second the other day... 2 min from my house.  Almost rear ended someone.  Scary!

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  • I'm almost 12 weeks and still tired. Not really m/s, as PP said just feel crappy all day. Oh and if i dont eat, i will dry heave. no fun!
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  • This is my 2nd......still have started this time at 5 weeks and still have it...I feel like it's getting slightly better although I am still exhausted.  With my first pregnancy the nausea started like 7ish weeks and lasted till 10 or 11 weeks.  I will take the exhaustion over the nausea any day.  Makes teaching 1st grade difficult when you feel horrid all day.
  • My nausea has subsided a lot in the past 2 weeks or so. I'd be worried about feeling so normal if I hadn't seen the baby's HB twice this past week.

    With DD I only had afternoon mild to moderate nausea and never vomited so maybe this is just it for me? Who knows?

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  • Nope, with DS I was sick until 14 weeks or so.  I am only at 10 weeks now, still can't eat anything without getting sick!
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  • it was worse 8-9-10 weeks.  finally good this week.
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