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Does anyone have the BabyJogger Summit stroller?

Is it cumbersome to use when going to the mall or for everyday use?  I can't decide if I should get the City mini for everyday and then a jogger for running....or to just get the Summit and forgo the city mini....  I really want the summit but it just seems sort of big for daily use.... Just wondering if anyone has it and what your opinion of it is!Thanks!:-) 

Re: Does anyone have the BabyJogger Summit stroller?

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    i have it and i love it! it is perfect for everyday use imo. i mean its a little bigger but i like that its higher up, perfect for my 6'3 dh.

    also, its super easy to fold. one step. 

    i would 'maybe' buy a snap n go type piece, im actually debating that now. but i dont know if its really worth it considering i made it this far without it!

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    Imo its a little bulky, I have it and a city mini...if you have a big car its probably ok, I have a tsx and it takes a lot of trunk space for every day...I live them both though!
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