how much formula for 9-12 month olds?

I'm considering stopping pumping by January, when the babies will be 9 months old. How much formula do your 9-12 month olds consume, and how much $$ do you spend on formula per week? I'm getting tired of pumping, but we also don't have a ton of extra money to spend on formula.
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Re: how much formula for 9-12 month olds?

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    I just weaned our girls : (  They're 9 1/2 months and eat around 24 oz. a day each.  They actually eat more ounces in formula than they did in breast milk!

    We go through two 23.4 oz canisters of formula every week, so roughly $25 (We use the BRU version of Enfamil Premium).

    ~Crystal~ SAHM to Sam (5), Hugh (3), Mary & Grace (22 months) : )
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    I quit pumping when the boys were 8 months old. But I did it super gradually, so they were on about 75% formula from about 7 months on. We were using Enfamil, which even with coupons was so expensive. We tried the Costco brand, which made the boys super gassy, so then we tried the Up and Up brand and that has been fantastic! We go through one of the extra large cans every week. The cans cost about $19 each, so about $80/month. Also, goldie gave me a phone number to call each month to get coupons for the Up&Up formula. They said if I faxed them the twins' birth certificates that they would send 2 coupons a month instead of one, so I bet you could get three! Anywho, if we stuck with the Enfamil, we would be spending $32/week, so about $140/month.

    HTH! I also didn't have any freezer stash, but I will say that I can't imagine pumping with 2 very active babies right now. It's so much different than when they were tiny and could be in the swing or bouncer while I pumped. If I was pumping now, I think I would lose my mind!

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    My trio has always been on formula. Right now they're taking about 15 - 20oz a day. When they were 9 months they were probably getting closer to 24 oz. But it all depended on how much solids they were eating - and they had a slow start ;) We buy the Kirkland brand formula from Costco, they have always been on it and do very well with it. I've always kept the cupboards well stocked with formula so we were buying about 2-3 cans a week. Up here in Toronto the cans are about $14 each - not sure what prices are like in your neck of the woods :)

    I also have to add - I can't believe how big your guys are getting. I remember when they were born (been following your blog) Time sure does fly. My guys will be one next week!  :0

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    We use the Up and UP did you get the coupons??? 
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    we use RTF liquid, so its pricier than powder.  I'm not sure how my powder would cost, but mine drink about 20-27 oz each depending on the day. 
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