Pregnant after 35

PG>35 Weekly Check-In: 10/14/10

Please let me know if there are any additions and/or changes that need to be made.  Also, if I missed anyone's birth please let me know so we can celebrate with you! 

We have a few newbies!  If you would like to be added, just reply to this post with your screen name, first name (optional), due date and sex of baby (if known). 

Sending lots of labor dust to our moms who are "almost there". :) 

Pregnant Moms by Due Date:     

CathyMD: 10/06/10

Rostowsky: 10/06/10

MT-Head:  10/06/10 - Boy

Ceeceesean: 10/11/10 ? Girl

Isoproud (Diane): 10/14/10 - Boy

Raindown: 10/15/10 - Boy

Libby33 (Libby):  10/19/10 - Boy

Sunny70: 10/20/10 - Girl

Yorkiemom73: 10/21/10

SASSI712 (Stacey): 10/21/10 - Girl

SIMBASIM:  10/22/10

Sldwjd (Sharon):  10/22/10

Expecting_a_pea:  10/22/10 - Boy

Mollymay38:  10/23/10 ? Twins (Boy/Girl)

Isoproud (Diane): 10/23/10 - Boy

Mhazel1204 (Melissa):  10/26/10

DMD1029: 10/29/10

Zobird (Zola): 10/31/10


Bfcake69 (Stacey): 11/01/10 - Girl

Jzc0106: 11/03/10 - Surprise

Ateytelb (Anna):  11/03/10 ? Girl

Dad2be:  11/03/10 - Surprise

Alteregoist (Saskia):  11/05/10 ? Boy

The Future Mrs Macklin: 11/06/10 - Girl

Danapapoi (Dana):  11/07/10

Struttonnorf (Leonie): 11/09/10

Wheelber (Stephanie):  11/11/10

(Ma?iingan:  11/18/10

Mom2anangel (Amy): 11/18/10 - Surprise

Jscann (Jennifer):  11/19/10

Tracey4228:  11/24/10

JAM and MJK:  11/25/10 - Girl

CindyHenricks:  11/27/10

Lvnbraves:  11/30/10


HeyEliza:  12/01/10

Sil222 (Sil):  12/02/10 ? Girl (sched. c-section)

MarriedaSportsNut (Jill):  12/5/10

GenRN45:  12/08/10 - Surprise

GymDogFran (Fran):  12/10/10 ? Twins (Girls)

Shouldbworkin:  12/10/10 (sched. c-section)

Mz Madison-White:  12/11/10

Estellababy:  12/12/2010 - Boy

Divaessence:  12/18/10 - Boy

MrsSavannah:  12/19/10

Red0427:  12/20/10

Ccbelle123 (Erin):  12/20/10 - Girl

Beaker38 (Lori): 12/21/10

Kellyspregnant (Kelly):  12/21/10

Saverchic:  12/27/10 ? Twins

Strunella:  12/28/10 ? Boy

NaturallyHazel:  12/28/10

KristyJ72:  12/31/10


Itsmevkb (Kelly):  01/03/11

RN536 (Jen):  01/03/11 - Girl

Wiscgirl95 (Katie):  01/04/11

Daisy30220 (Kimberly):  01/05/11

NOELHC (Anna):   01/12/11

Swrlygrl: 01/12/11 ? Girl

jmcdow (Jennifer) 1/16/2011 - Girl

Deanne Shehane:  01/25/11 - Boy


Cosnowbaby (Leslie):  02/11/11 - Girl

Symharmony (Michele): 02/17/11 ? Surprise

Mommy2Ajani+1 (Alicia): 02/27/11


Robynjdm: 03/09/11 

RyaSilly03 (Liz):  03/16/11

Jannymcg:  03/16/11

OscarQ (Alison):  03/17/11 - Boy

HipMomma (Jenn):  03/21/11

Pa_kris: 03/22/11

Sshruff1: 03/25/2011

Lkingery (Laura):  03/28/11

Jens38 (Jen):  03/28/11

TheCricket:  03/28/2011

His Super Girl: 03/29/11


HMWM (Heather):  04/02/11 ? Surprise

Seafan11: 04/06/11

Comfortable:  04/10/11

Chrishvny (Christine):  4/2/11

Anniebpgh (Annie): 04/18/11

Oliverncherie (Cherie): 04/18/11

prayingforone: 04/25/11 ? Twins (Boys)


Shelleyk34 (Shelley): 05/02/11

 tlc7068 (Tracy): 05/16/11

funkymama: 05/16/11

kikijbird (Kiki/Erica): 5/29/11

Mrs_M: 05/29/11  

calibride2005: 6/02/11

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Re: PG>35 Weekly Check-In: 10/14/10

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    Im new.. add me (please).


    EDD is May 29, 2011 

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    Hello everyone!  I am now 37 weeks preg. Had my appt Tuesday - everything looked good. Cervix got soft but it's still closed. Went back to work after quite a long bedrest. 3 more business days to go until my official maternity leave starts Wednesday. Hopefully I will have some  time then to prepare for the baby's arrival (shopping, laundry, packing the hospital bag etc). Also need to buy a gift for my LO.

    Let me know if someone decides to take over weekly congrats/check-in since I will not be around for too long.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    I'm a faithful lurker...

    EDD 3/3/11 with a girl!

    Can I join?

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    Gearing up for my first ultrasound appointment on Monday.  A little nervous, hoping for a strong heartbeat.  My BFF Morning Sickness has been pretty inventive this week, changing things up daily but in general making me feel like crap.  Probably the only time in my life where I will actually feel good about feeling crummy!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    I'm new here... I'm Bobbi and my due date is around June 11th based on u/s.
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    Add Me!(PLEASE)
    EDD: 2/14/11(Girl)
    My name is Lizzie.
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    My first visit 2 weeks ago didn't go very well.  there was a heart beat but it was measuring 6w1d instead of 8w.  i know we did not conceive that late because i got a bfp before that.  i am going in next week for another u/s to confirm there is growth.  my doc hinted at a possiblity of miscarriage.  i have been cramping this week so i am worried.  i am bummed because my doc is not in on monday so i have to wait until friday.  this has been the longest wait.  i could have seen one of the other docs but i have been with mine so long i decided not to change it up yet.  so i have one more week to wait.  i hope i get good news and can stay here after next friday.
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    Hi I was missed....Our EDD is 12/01/10. Can you add us , please? My name is sunnyinseattle1 or just Sunny.


    Thanks Sunny

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    Can I be added too, please????

    I am Amy and we are due 4/1/11. We are hoping the baby will cooperate when we have the anatomy scan on Nov 15th so we can find out the sex. *fingers crossed*

    I will be 37 when the baby comes. I have 2 children (DS and DD) and my SO also has 2 children (SD and SS) , this is our first together and will be the "tie breaking" gender. 

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