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is it bad to use oragel?

I thought I read that on here once before, but a topical numbing ointment seems to make the most sense to treat teething pain.  For us, the teething rings, sophie, etc. will only be used for a while and then the pain comes back.  I was going to pick up oragel, but not if it is bad for my LO.

Re: is it bad to use oragel?

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    We use baby orajel for Spencer. They come in q-tips that already have orajel in them. I like them because I can get it right in the painful area without his whole mouth getting numb.
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    I had heard that although it will stop current pain temporarily it toughens the gums. I dont know if thats true or not but I know I heard that somewhere.
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    It is, because with all the saliva during teething, LO's end up swallowing more of it than stays on their gums. And it numbs the back of their throats instead of their gums--which can cause feeding problems. My pedi doesn't recommend it.

    ETA: We use Hyland's teething tablets instead. They seem to really help. GL!

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    My Ped told me specifically not to use it, she said that it can numb the back of their throats and cause them to choke...
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