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Anyone have a Jetta?

So it is time for me to get a new car.  My pickup truck does not fit with my new mom lifestyle, and now that I am back at work, we have to bite the bullet.

Anyone have a Jetta?  Likes, dislikes?  We are looking at the TDI Sedan.  I have checked to be sure the car seat and stroller fit.  Anything else I am forgetting?

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Re: Anyone have a Jetta?

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    mh has a jetta wolfsburg and we love it. i have a q7 tdi and can not say enough amazing things about it. i LOVE the diesel engine, it is a beast. and my gas mileage is awesome for such a huge car. mh originally wanted the jetta tdi but got an awesome deal on a wolfsburg he couldn't pass up.

    the only issue we would have if this was our primary car for transporting our kids (it's not) would be leg room in the front with the car seats installed but we are both pretty tall (i am 5'9 and mh is 6'5). but i don't think that is as big of an issue when you only have one car seat! 

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    I had a Jetta a few years ago, it was the Wolfsburg edition and it ROCKED!  I loved that car....I personally thought it was too small for us and traded it in for a Mazda Tribute.

    The one thing about the Jetta was the size of the was HUGE!  The other plus was that it was great on gas and very "zippy"!  The only downside that I hated...and this is soo petty, was the placement of the cupholders! 

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    I bought a brand new Jetta and when the car was 5 months old, the transmission went.  It was under warranty so it was covered, but it was very annoyng to take off of work to go get it fixed and drive around in a rental for a week.

    I also had little problems here and there that caused me to miss work to take it in to the dealership.  

    I did love that car, but I got rid of it as soon as the warranty expired.  I wasn't taking a chance on it. 


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    My mom has a Jetta and the placement of the back windows and rear windshield make for some major blind spots.  We feel like we're taking our lives in our hands if we need to back out of a driveway!
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    I have a Jetta. It's 4 years old now with a lot of miles because I used to drive a lot for work but I love my car.  But I'm starting to have problems with it now. Transmision is starting to shift hard, my starter went out last weekend, I'm having electrical problems (my sun roof opens randomly), and there are a few more but when the car was new it was awesome! Our car seat and stroller fit. I don't have room for much else in the trunk with the stroller in there but I'm sure most sedans are like that.
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    I had 2 jettas and now I have a Touareg.  I have had 4 VWs total and have been extremely happy with all of them.  Plus, you can't beat the gas mileage with the jetta.  I miss those days! 
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