Adding ticker to my posts?

Ok stupid question guys but I'm new here and I'd like to know how I can permanently add a pregnancy ticker onto my account and my post. I know how to go about making one here on the site and I have done so, but how do I add it to the bottom of my posts like you guys have it, with all the tickers and the adorable pictures of your twins and such? Its cute! :-P Thanks!
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Re: Adding ticker to my posts?

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    I haven't made one on this site..but I know how to do one on

    You'll create one, blah blah.

    Then it will show a code when it's all done.

    You'll copy this code, and place it in your "Signature" spot. (It's under mybump, and than where you edit your name etc.)

    And that's it! 

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    i created in the bump. just copy and paste on your signanture when you edit your profile..
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