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Got the job!

I got hired by the Ciity of West Fargo to help coordinate events for the city. Evening and weekends. Yay!

It's when they come up but the funds are great and there is other opportunities in time.

I'm very happy!

They said it was ok to being LO with me. Well she talked the ENTIRE time and tooted several times VERY loud.  I won't be bringing her to any more meetings if I can avoid it. LOL

Re: Got the job!

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    hehe... YAY!  Congrats on your new position!
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    Thats awesome. Thats how I came to work for the City I am with now. I love working with municipalities. Its definately worth it and I wish you the best of luck. If you ever want to bounce around city event ideas let me know I'll PM you my email.
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    How awesome for you!  Congrats.
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