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No Ab work??

Accidentally posted this on 1st Tri board instead of here like I wanted :)

When I went in for my first doctor's appointment last week (first timer here!), I was told not to do any ab work. I'm very active, work out every day, and I teach dance 5 days a week. I was surprised, thinking that a strong core and pelvic floor would help with delivery and recovery. She said it would counteract my body's ability to expand in my stomach region. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this - has anyone else been told anything similar? Or opposite? Thanks ladies!

Re: No Ab work??

  • Hmm As a Jazzercise instructor the ONLY modification I need to do with ab work is keep it standing and not on the floor after 12-14 weeks due to the pressure the baby can put on some key blood flow in the prone on back position.  My dr. said all and any workout I am currently doing is fine and I may need to modify later in terms of stretching and be more aware of looser ligaments and tendons, since that naturally happens with pregnancy.
  • My doctor has said the same thing, but she means no targeted ab work.  No crunches specifically. 
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  • I answered on the 1st tri too, but I wanted to clarify what I meant.  What I've been told/heard/read is that you shouldn't be laying on your back (so no crunches or situps) pp said, no targeted ab work.  My one book has an "ab" workout, but its just pulling the muscles in and holding them for several seconds, then releasing them. 
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  • My midwife tells a story of a former client/pilates instructor who taught throughout her pregnancy and her front abdominal muscles actually separated from pressure of the babe trying to expand through such tight muscles- of course most women aren't doing these kinds of targeted exercises most days of the week. She's all for core exercises for general tone/strength but she recommends allowing some loosening of those muscles. I take Zumba and often the dances include standing ab/core work- I think that's fine.

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  • My doc said no laying on the back but ab work for right now is fine. I have adjusted this work to side bends and other exercises that target the core and dont hurt the blood flow. I know the 12 week date is coming up so I will have to make some adjustments then. For now, the doc said everything is fine.

    On another note, I know pilates instructors (teaching once or twice a week) that were fine their entire pregnancy doing pilates.


  • Too my knowledge they just mean no targets ab workouts like crunches or sit ups.
  • Anyone can get separated abs. It's not pleasant, but it's not caused by being fit.

    I answered on the other board, as well. I suggest really becoming your own advocate if you'd like to remain active. Check out Cassandra Forsythe's blogs:

    She's pretty much my pregnancy hero.

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