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Ryan does not deserve to have Bentley another day. He has been a piece of *** father since Bentley was born. The only reason he wants another night is because his family wants him longer. Ugh I just want to throat punch. He is such an a-hole

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  • Thank God Gary brought-up not wanting Amber's ex-con (sexual offender) bf to change Leah's diapers....and how does she think that would be OK? Seriously, WTF is wrong with her?

    I'm pretty impressed with Tyler and Caitlyn, I'm glad they still feel they made the right choice. Funny how they are the only Sixteen and Pregnant couple that didn't keep the baby and are still together.

  • I despise Amber. I can't not believe that she let some random guy move-in after knowing him 3 weeks AND I cannot believe that she thinks it is perfectly normal to let this random guy change Leah's diapers. I am truly scared for Leah.


    I was sad that Maci caved during mediation. I would have hoped that she would have said if you want an extra day then you should pay all that back child support you missed (not that he is in violation of the order - but he should be responsible for those many months he was not providing for Bentley)

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  • What I hate is how upset Maci was and Ryan just sat there like it was no big deal. It was ripping her heart out to give him another day but she said she would do it for Bentley because she thought it was whats best for him. Shes so selfless and Ryan didnt even say thank you.

    I hate Amber too! Who in their right mind dates a sexual offender, let alone lets him watch/change her child! But I did love when little Leah told her mom "Quiet! Now!" lol I was yea thats what everybody in America is thinking too.

    Im really proud of Catelynn and Tyler. They are selfless enough to realize that they did what was best for Carly and instead of it tearing them down it inspires them to do better. They are very mature. And was I the only one who thought that hes soo sweet? lol When he told her that she never looked prettier to him than after she had Carly and he said 'Thats it. This girl is mine" lol adorable

    I hate Farrah. Shes so whiny and spoiled. She even kisses Sophia weird. She puckers her lips real tight and barely touches them to her daughters cheek. Also she slways wants to read these long letters to Sophia, hello shes one shes not interested lol.

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  • did anyone else bawl their eyes out during catelynn and tyler's reunion with carly? my goodness gracious.

    such an absolutely adorable little girl though, and knowing how much better off her life is with teresa and brendan must make catelynn and tyler feel better about their decision. hoping they take all that info and shove it in april's face - maybe then april will realize her daughter is a lot smarter than herself.

  • I really enjoyed last nights show. I was bawling with the whole Catelynn and Tyler reunion. They are so sweet together.

    Farrah is a tard. I couldn't believe she was surprised that her mom wanted to pro-rate rent. Yeah, thats life.. I was gagging when they ordered peanut butter and bacon toast.. ugh, I can barely type it out.

    Amber is awful. Theres nothing more I can say that you guy shaven't already said. I hope Gary gets his life together and eventually gets custody of Leah. She would be better off with Gary.


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  • I just watched the episode from last night.  I also cried during the Catelynn/Tyler/Carly reunion!  They are so good with her, and made the best decision!

    Poor Maci...I do think she should go back to Chattanooga, though.  I can't imagine her gas costs!!!

    Farrah and Amber.  I just have no words for them most times. 

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