What do you do when they're too heavy to carry in their carseats?

So I had hoped that months of carrying two carseats at the same time would've strengthened my arms a bit more, but now that they're getting so big (E is about 18 pounds and M is about 16), I'm having a really hard time carrying both of the carseats and my bag for work.

In the morning, C helps me take them to the car, but I get home before him in the evening, so I have to take both babies in by myself.  We live in Chicago, and have a detached garage, so I'm torn about what would work best.  If I park in front of the house, I'm technically closer to the front door, but then I have to leave one of them in the car (which I would lock), while I take the first one inside.  If I park in the garage, I'm further away from the entrance to the house, but I can close the garage door so the one I have to leave in the car isn't as exposed as he/she would be if the car is in front of the house.

Any suggestions?  I could probably struggle with carrying them both for awhile longer, but once the snow comes, I don't want to take a chance of slipping because I am having a hard time managing both carseats.



Re: What do you do when they're too heavy to carry in their carseats?

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    How far is your house from where you would park? We park *right* in front of our front door so I would take one baby in, buckle him in his booster seat at the kitchen table (which is right inside the front door) and then go get the other. If I needed to carry them both in once they were too heavy to carry both infant seats, I would wear one in the Ergo carrier and carry the other (either in his carseat or on my hip).
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    when gibby was 18lbs (at 4mo) it was so hard to carry him in the infant seat so we changed him to the convertible seat - and i carried him in my arm, on my hip, and carried gray in the infant seat with the other arm - my car is pretty close to the front door - so it wasn't too far to walk... and i could set Gray down in the infant seat while i buckled in Gibby - then walk over and click Gray's seat in.

    now they are both in conv. seats - so I carry one at a time... though they are getting better at walking so sometimes i hold gray and let Gibby walk (holding his hand).

    do what works for you - try some things- it's never easy.

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    I have had mine in convertibles since day 1. I never bothered with those heavy carriers. I think either of the two options you suggested would work. I now am able to carry both of my 5 month olds in at the same time. I hold one on my hip while I unbuckle the other and scoop him/her out of the carseat.
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    It is hard to catch up with how fast they grow!

    Can you see your front door from the garage?  Is it a house or a condo complex? 

    I live on the 2nd floor in a condo, and the garage is detached, around the back of the complex.  I carried the stroller down first, then them down one at a time in carriers when they were little, and put them in the stroller.  Then we took a stroller ride to the car.  Reverse on the way home.  It is a total hassle.  But, sounds like you are doing ground floor entry at your house?  Why not use a stroller??  Something cheap with big wheels for the snow? 

    Others have suggested carrying babies, which could also work if you don't have stairs.  I won't carry mine up the stairs together, and would be even more scared going down.  Of course, I wouldn't do it in the snow/ice.

    I wouldn't feel good about closing baby in the garage, as my garage door has gotten stuck a couple of times.  And I wouldn't leave baby in car parked on the street either...unless I could literally see my door from the car. 

    You will find something that works, it might take some trial and error.  GL!

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    Thanks ladies - sorry to post and run - I got called into a meeting and didn't have time to check back last night.

    I can park right outside of our house, on the street - probably about 100ft from my front door.  The problem is that there are three steps to get up to our sidewalk, and then five steps to get to our front door.  So, a stroller is out, and I'm not sure I'd want to carry them both once winter hits.

    From the garage, it's about the same distance, and I could go in a side door, and there are no steps.  So, I could theoreticaly keep a stroller in the garage, unload them into that, and then push them to the side door....that could also work in the winter, so long as we don't get a ton of snow between the last time C shovels and when I get home.

    I never thought about wearing one of them and carrying the other, so that might work.

    They're just getting so big and I didn't think I'd have to worry about this so soon!!

    Thanks for the advice!

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