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When Does?

Your hair stop falling out?? I feel like I am going to be bald pretty soon. Maybe I should save the hair and make a wig???
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Re: When Does?

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    ugh i know!! it grosses me out too - hair is like my little phobia/gross me out thing... even when its my own, if its not attached to my body then ewww! i have really thick hair and everyday i get handfuls of hair out, i already lost a good amount everyday but now its just too much!! is there ANYTHING that helps?
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    Same thing happening to me... I hope it goes away soon, I am thinking of calling my midwife to ask if she knows anything I can do to help with it...
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    My sister told me 6-9 months.

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    I've heard 6 months too but it seems like mine has gotten a little better recently.  I was wondering for a while how in the world I still had any hair left but it seems like it's not quite as bad now...
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    I have no idea. On the bright side, my last haircut was a lot faster because it didn't need thinned out.
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