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Great U/S Yesterday!!

I'll post some pics once I get home (can't from my iPhone). I had a great appointment yesterday. My best friend went with me since DH couldn't make it, and there was no way I could be there alone if something was wrong. We saw and heard a great heartbeat of 150 bpm! And, our little bean is measuring right on track! I felt like I could finally breathe! I do have a very small subchorionic hematoma, but it is so small, they're not concerned. My MW did also mention that after the dildo cam and my exam that I may see some mild spotting, but so far we're in the clear! I'm so relieved, and was so excited to see our little bean. The u/s tech also took a picture in 3D already! So cool! Hope everyone else had a great long weekend!
natural miscarriage 11/17/08 @ roughly 4 weeks
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