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NBR: Bachelorette party

I posted a few days ago about the wedding I'm in this weekend qnd how the bachelorette party is on Thursday. Well, DH & I sat down to look at finances and there is no way we can afford me going out (limo to Boston is paid for, but my dinner plus part of bride & groom's dinner/drinks are on me.) I feel guilty but it we need to put money towards rent, gift for the couple, gift for another getting-married couple next weekend, DH's tux, gas, groceries and other household bills :( I can't even apologize to the bride ahead of time since it's a surprise!

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    Agh that stinks. I'm sorry you won't be able to attend.
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    I know exactly how you feel, I'm in the same boat only the wedding is further away. I would say if this is a good friend of yours to just go to the party anyway..maybe arrive after the dinner so you don't have to sit through it without ordering anything. Tell her later on how important her big day is to you and that you're sorry you couldn't afford to help financially. You can try telling the other bridesmaids your situation. That's what I am trying to do currently...I mean..if the girl is a real friend she will understand. I think she will be happy to see you there at all :)
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