Feeding schedule for your 8 month olds

Hello, I am a long time lurker and have learned a lot from everyone.  I have been trying to adjust the twins feeding schedule to accomodate an earlier bed time.  I know that all babies eat different amounts of food but mine will not eat more that 4 1/2 ounces at each feeding.  They are eating two meals of purees (they are just now starting to like solids) with a 3 ounce bottle.  If I am lucky my daughter will eat the entire bottle but most of the time she ends up eating only 2 ounces.  They go to bed around 8:30-9 and wake up around 7-7:30.  They still eat every 3 hours.  I know that bed time needs to be earlier because they want to take a nap at around 7-7:30 but I am afraid that they are not getting enough to eat.  Sorry for such the long post and I hope that this makes sense.  I would also like to see you feeding schedules as well.

Re: Feeding schedule for your 8 month olds

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    6:30 am:   Wake up & 8 oz bottle

    8:30 am:  Yogurt & fruit

    9:00 am:  Nap  (1 hour)

    10:30 am:  6 oz bottle

    11:30 am:  Fruit & vegetable

    12:00 pm:  Nap (1.5 hours)

    2:30 pm:   6 oz bottle

    4:00 pm:  Nap (30 minutes)

    5:30 pm:  Fruit & vegetable

    6:30 pm:  7 oz bottle

    6:45 pm:  Bed

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    8:00am Wake-up & 6oz bottle

    11:00am 8 oz bottle

    11:00-2:00 Nap

    2:00pm 8 oz bottle

    5:00pm 6 oz bottle

    8:00pm 8.5 oz bottle and bedtime

    I don't do baby food I don't think that they need it until they are one. (my personal option).

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    Have you tried a faster nipple? That may help them eat more per feeding.


    My guys stil lwake up to eat 2x a night, so ou schedule varies. Usually it is:

    7: wake up 

    9: 7 oz bottle  

    12: 7 oz bottle

    3: 7 oz bottle

    6: fruit


    12:30: 7 oz bottle 


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    Hi & congrats!!  Here is my schedule:

    7am - 8oz bottles

    9-9:30am - oatmeal mixed w/ some fruit sometimes pancakes.

    12pm - Fruits & veggies & alittle whole milk in a sippy cup

    3pm- 6oz bottles (I'm about to cut this out at 9 months if doc approves cuz they are eating regular foods now no longer pureed & they don't really eat the whole bottle half the time.)

    5-5:30pm - some kind of meat & veggies.

    7pm - he gets 8oz bottle & she gets 4-5oz bottle.


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    At 8 months, I started feeding my boys lunch and our schedule really fell into place. Here is what we were (and still are) doing at 8 months:

    7:00 am- Wake up and 6 oz bottle

    8:00 am - Cereal and fruit

    9:00 am Nap (usually 1.5-2 hours)

    11:00 am or whenever they wake up 5oz bottle

    Noon - a fruit and a veggie

    1:30 or 2:00 - Nap (1.5-2 hours)

    3:30 or when they wake up 5 oz bottle

    5:00 Cereal, fruit and veggie

    7:00 Start bedtime routine....sometimes baths, sometimes quiet playtime in their room

    7:15-7:30 Offer 6 oz bottle (they usually only take 5oz though)

    7:30 In bed


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    Starting around 8 onths adn still now our schedule is-

    7-7:30- Wake up

    8:00- Yogurt or cereal w/fruit and 6oz bottle

    9:30-11:00- Nap

    12:00- Fruit and veggie and 6oz bottle

    1:30-3:00- Nap

    4:30- Fruit and veggie and 6oz bottle

    8:00- 7oz bottle and bed 

    We sometimes have 5:00 or 5:30 mini naps (like 30-45 mins) depending on the mood of the day, it varies. 

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    6:30- 6 oz bottle

    8:30- Ceral with yogart and fruit, 4 oz bottle


    11:00- 6 oz bottle

    1:00- 6-8 oz bottle with fruit and veggies

    3-4:00- nap

    4:30- 6 oz bottle with meat and veggies

    5-7:30- Play time with a evening walk and a snack

    7:30- Bath (they get one everynight, they love it)

    8:00- 6 oz bottle

    8:30-8:45- they are usually asleep for the night.  Wake up 1 or 2 times for binkies and then back to sleep


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