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I can't stand not knowing!

I don't go in for my next scan until Friday and its killing me.  I have be recalculating my dates trying to figure out if I have it all wrong.

(for those of you that don't know my story I went in for a scan on Friday and was measuring 5w3d and there was only a sac on the scan.  I thought I was over 6 weeks.)

I can't stand not knowing.  What I do know is that I tested on Sept 19th and got the faintest of faint lines that my husband could barely see.  If I had my dates *right*  AF should have been due on the 17th... (which tested negative).  When I had my son I got a BFP at least 5 days before AF was due.  SO......... this is giving me hope that I do have my dates wrong.  Follow me?  

 GAH!  The unknown sucks!!!! 

Re: I can't stand not knowing!

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