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Ladies who have/have had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage

As I updated last week, I have a large one and have been put on bedrest until my next u/s (finally tomorrow!).  The bleeding had tapered off and yesterday started up again.  From what I read online, this is normal so I am trying my best to remain calm.  I am just praying that tomorrow's u/s goes great!

How is everyone else doing?

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Re: Ladies who have/have had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage

  • I had a small one discovered two weeks ago that was apparently absorbed, because it didn't show up on the u/s last Friday (and I never had any bleeding). The doctor said its possible I may get another one but not to worry.

    Hopefully you'll get news that its resolved after the bleeding. Good luck tomorrow! 

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  • I had one but it wasn't big and I was just on pelvic rest for a week. I didn't even have additional bleeding after that initial time. I hope your u/s shows everything is back to normal and you are doing great.

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  • My bleeding finally stopped but my body has not absorbed it.  I had to cancel a flight and have been on pelvic rest for two weeks. 

    Good luck at your appt!

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  • I had a small one and only bled for a day, but had cramping.  I was told to take it easy and went on bedrest for 5 days.  It was no longer there at my follow up u/s one week later.  I haven't bled since, but I'm been afraid to do anything because I'm afraid it will recur.

    Good luck at your u/s tomorrow.

  • Wow!  There's a lot of us here.  How come I have never heard of this before I had it myself??

     Last ultrasound that I had (last Friday) nothing showed up on the ultrasound, so the doctor said any of the brown discharge I've been having should stop soon.  Last week I had several episodes where it got significantly more intense.

    So, I am on pelvic rest until the end of my first trimester (2 more weeks, or 11 more days as my husband would say), and continued progesterone until I am 12 weeks.

     Hopefully your ultrasound will show good things!  I started crying during mine because I was so happy that everything was going well!  When I saw the little tadpole kicking and waving, it was the most amazing thing ever.

    Good luck!!

  • I had one 2 weeks ago. 

    I was on modified bed rest for 5 days. 

    Went back for u/s last week and it had resolved itself and body reabsorbed.

    Dr. warned me, though, that it is very common in twin pg and I will probably get another one and told me to still follow modified bed rest as much as possible (no housework being the big one with no bending, lifting, and no stairs). 

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  • I had a small one on my first u/s at 6w5d. 

    The hemorrhage was at the top of my uterus, so the doctor didn't think that they blood would be able to find its way out, and so far that's been true, I haven't had any bleeding. I have had serious cramps though. 

    I took the past 2 weeks off of work. I am a nurse, and it is practically impossible at my job not to strain, power walk, or lift anything heavy. 

    I have my next one on Wednesday, and I am hoping that I have absorbed it.  

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  • Glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  There really are quite a few of us on here.  Is it awful of me to say that I am glad we aren't alone?

    I will be sure to update tomorrow...u/s is at 11:30 and I getting more and more it too early to go to bed??? lol

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  • I also have one and wow I didn't know they were so common. I have been a little freaked out about it.

    I had brown spotting that started while I was away in Chicago for my birthday and basically had to camp out in the room and get pushed around in a wheel chair if we wanted to go anywhere. 

    The Monday we got back I had an ultrasound where we saw the heartbeat and found the hemorrhage.  

    Mine is really small and my midwife doesn't seem to be too concerned, but I am supposed to take it easy. I have another appointment on the 20th.  

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  • I'm so glad to see this!! I just posted on 1st tri about being diagnosed with one today. I'm on bedrest for 7 days and then my next U/S is on 10/26.

    I agree, I'm sad to see others have the same issue, but also glad at the same time! 

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