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Wow, I'm a MESS o_O

I'm so emotional! I was reading posts & this woman's siggy had a pic of her baby's little feet and I started CRYING! A happy cry cuz I can't wait to have my little one and see her cute little feet. 

I've been up & down all day... I'm about to eat some cheesecake & watch the Teen Mom marathon. That might help. 


Re: Wow, I'm a MESS o_O

  • Cheesecake and teen mom sounds fantastic!
  • I teared up yesterday watching the Disney World commercial! I felt like an idiot, but it was so sweet to see the excitement on that little girls face when she found out she was going to Disney World!!! lol
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  • Mrs. B, I saw that too! Then I started day dreaming about taking my lo to Disney World.

    It was the one where the parents wrote it on the pizza box right? 

  • I got teary today talking to my DH via Skype about bringing our LO to the Zoo for the first time! lol
  • I got teary eyed watching Real Housewives of D.C. when the housewife who is looking for her birth father found out he is Nigerian and Ibo which is the same tribe my husband is from. So stupid! 

    Btw, I am also watching the Teen Mom marathon too. It's great =) 

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  • Not sure if it's the one with the pizza box, but the little girl was hugging her daddy and that made me excited about seeing DH as a daddy! Especially if we have a DD! That's what made me tear up!!!
  • Mm...cheesecake sounds delicious!  Paula Deen made cheesecake bites yesterday and I was drooling all over.  I could eat a dozen of them right now.  ::Just realized I have a mini coffee ice cream in the freezer::  Yipee.
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