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Had another scare

So I went back to the doctor today because I had some bright red bleeding and that's what they told me to look for... My heart dropped whenever I seen it, I don't even remember getting in the car when I started speeding to the doctors.  She did and u/s and everything was fine!!  Heartbeat was still nice and strong, cervix was closed, everything looked normal!!  They put me on bedrest for a few days longer to play it safe.  They said some women just bleed throughout their pregnancy especially in 1st Tri.  Then I heard the most beautiful sound in the whole world.. HEART BEAT!!!!!!  I busted out into tears!!!  I'm so thankful everything is ok!!
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Re: Had another scare

  • I'm so glad everything is okay with you and baby!! Hopefully you can just lounge around this weekend and get plenty of rest!
  • How scary. I am glad everything is okay. Cute Ultrasound picture!
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  • Glad the baby is doing fine. I hope you don't have anymore scares.
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  • glad that the baby and you are okay. now kick your feet up and rest, drink lots of water. you might have just over did it. t&p with you...


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  • glad to hear all is ok, get some rest.

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  • Glad to hear everything is ok.  I have had some light spotting a few times and after 3 u/s I have came to the conclusion that it is actully that my skin is irritated and that it is bleeding a little down there!  I hear you on your heart dropping when you see that blood. 
  • From one spotter/bleeder to another, I am so happy that everything is ok!!  I had a bright red bleeding scare myself today.  I hope everything progresses well in your pregnancy!
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