Head support for infant seat

I was wondering your experence of using head supports in your infant seats.  I have heard from Moms it is a must to keep the babies head from falling over.  Then I read that the car seats are no longer safe when you add this in.  I am conflicted.   We have a graco snug ride and maxi-cosi infant seats.  Your guidence and direction is greatly apprecaited.


Re: Head support for infant seat

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    I used the Snuzzler, and LOVED it!  I still use it in their cribs now.  The way i see it i would rather my babies heads and bodies be supported.
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    I use the pottery barn kids head support.  The NICU nurses noticed them when we were doing the car seat test and they all commented on how it was the best one that they had seen.


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    During our car seat safety class they recommended not adding anything that didn't come with the car seat. They gave us a bunch of receiving blankets to roll up and place on the side of their heads for extra support, and that worked just fine. Now they're 10 and 12 pounds and we don't use the blankets anymore and just use the head thing that came with the graco snugride.

    I've also read that if you add anything like the head supports to the car seat and there was an accident injury due to any sort of car seat issue, that you would not have any legal recourse against the manufacturer.

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    Thanks so much for your help and direction.
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