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Highly Experience Super Nanny Is Available ? Part Time

With 10 plus years of experience in NY as nanny, I highlyrecommend my current caregiver who has been with us for nearly a year onTuesdays and Thursdays. Sadly we must say goodbye to her because we are now ina full-time nursery program.

To sum it up: she has been completely reliable, thoughtfuland insightful in her position. My daughter is very fond of her and has grown agreat deal in her presence and care. Also, she has been a lovely sounding boardwhen I felt I needed some feedback and yet she wouldn?t offer her input unlessprompted, a very lovely trait. I trust her know how and child savvy wholeheartedlyand am hopeful that her next family with be as appreciative of her knowledgeand kindness.

Additionally, I have been thankful for the countless playdates she has arranged for my daughter all year long. At the end of each theday of care giving, she describes the details of my daughter?s day ? naplength/start time, activities, meals, interactions with other children, etc.

She is totally capable with handling newborns, as she is a 5year old.

If you are looking for support on Tuesdays and Thursday, donot miss the chance to meet her.

She can be reached at: 917.586.1014. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more informationat: 917.541.1725.


All the best,


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